Charlamagne Likens Lil Yachty To Another ‘Whack’ Rapper

Charlamagne Likens Lil Yachty To Another ‘Whack’ Rapper


Charlamagne doused Lil Yachty with a cold dose of reality during Boat’s recent Breakfast Club appearance.

“You are the poster child for whack rappers,” CTG said to Yachty. “If they want to say somebody whack they say you. It happens every few years, it was Trinidad James at one point.”

Boat was visibly shocked by CTG’s comparison, and began pushing back. He also asked if there have been any “whack rapper” poster children between him and James.

Charlamagne said that Migos were for a second, but they rid themselves of the title by dropping club bangers.

“Just to sit here and hear you put me in Trinidad James’ spot of the shine of being terrible, I don’t think I’m going claim that,” Yatchty argued. (And DJ Envy agreed with him.)

What do you think? The discussion starts at about the 16:30 mark.

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