Cam Girl Gets Attacked By Shark (Video)

Cam Girl Gets Attacked By Shark (Video)

sCam Girl Gets Attacked By Shark

This doesn’t even have the slightest thing to do with Hip Hop, but it’s not every day an adult model gets attacked by a shark.

Molly Cavalli was showing off a custom made shark protecting device for the sex cam website Camsoda when things went very wrong.

As you can see, the “device” did a horrible job of “protecting”, and a bull-headed lemon shark was able to get into the cage enough to take chunk out of her foot.

She ended up with 20 stitches.

Camsoda vice president DarRen Press managed to blame Cavalli for the attack.

“Our intention was to have Molly quickly dive into the shark cage with the camera and begin broadcasting as lemon sharks circled nearby. From what we gathered, lemon sharks are predominantly docile and relatively harmless,” Press said, while explaining further how the scare happened.

“During the broadcast, a shark approached the cage which made Molly nervous. She swam up to the surface as the shark approached. Her foot rose above the protective net and was bitten.”

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