Blackbear – ANONYMOUS Album (Zip Download)

Blackbear – ANONYMOUS Album (Zip Download)

Blackbear - ANONYMOUS Album (Zip Download)

With an album set to drop on April19th rapper Blackbear is expected to make massive waves on the R&B charts in 2019. Born Matthew Tyler Musto, Blackbear left high school in the ninth grade to focus on music. By 17, he’d left home to work on his solo career with Ne-Yo in Atlanta, and in a few short years, went on to collaborate with musicians such as Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, Mike Posner and Machine Gun Kelly. However, despite taking the industry by storm, Blackbear has dealt with some serious personal struggles along the way. In 2016, he was diagnosed with necrotizing chronic pancreatitis and underwent multiple surgeries. But, despite the threat that this condition put on his life, Blackbear showed no signs of slowing down—releasing two studio albums in 2017. Now he’s ready to share his latest project with the world and, in his own words, describes this album as his “best work to date.”

Your third studio album, Digital Druglord, features what some might call a controversial cover art. What made you decide to choose this image and what does it personally mean to you? It’s of a friend of mine, Tara, who posted the picture on Instagram, I think it’s still there under @foxgravy. She went through a lot of what I went through having chronic pancreatitis and I wrote most of the album in the hospital.

In 2016, a visit to the hospital changed your life. Could you share what you were diagnosed with and how this disease affected you both personally and professionally? I was diagnosed with necrotizing chronic pancreatitis and it definitely put a pause on live performances for a while. But I haven’t drank in years, so hopefully, no more surgeries.

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Get Album Zip Link Here || Get Album Zip Link 2 Here – Drops 26 Apr, Stay tuned

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