Birdman Speaks On The Hot Boys Break Up

Birdman Speaks On The Hot Boys Break Up


There’s a big Birdman and Slim interview in this week’s edition of Billboard mag.

Right off the bat, Birdman discusses the elephant in the room; His relationship with Lil Wayne and the status of Carter V

Carter V coming out this year, man. Wayne my son, and it’s just that simple,” Baby says. “Carter V definitely coming out, though.

Later in the chat, Birdman and Slim discuss the break up of The Hot Boys, the super-group which introduced a young Wayne to the world.

“I didn’t even think this type of shit would happen,” Birdman said of the Hotboys 2003 breakup. “Cause I knew we was all in it together. And it kind of made us look like we was gonna fall. But when it comes to creativity, business, music, I really put that shit in them. I taught ’em that. Once that happened, me and Wayne just said we gonna do it ourselves. I taught them everything they know, so if they learn to do they own thing they have my blessing. But I just knew for a fact it was gonna be hard for them to survive 10, five years without no guidance in this shit. It don’t work like that.

“We just had to make that transition,” Slim added. “Because Juve left, Fresh wanted to leave, everybody just wanted to really do their own thing. And I just think they didn’t go about it the right way, but it happens like that. We was kind of upset about the whole situation

“Once they left, I was like, fuck ’em, I’ma do me, let them do them,” Birdman continued. “It was fun in the beginning, but it ended up being pain at the end for them. ‘Cause they ain’t last, not one of them; any nigga that left, they ain’t last at all.”

What do you think about Birdman’s take that the non-Wayne Hot Boys (Juvenile, Turk, B.G. and the group’s producer Mannie Fresh) suffered for defying the label and breaking up the band?

The entire interview is worth a read. In it, the brothers discuss the origin of Cash Money, negotiating with major labels, and the emergence of Young Money with Drake and Nicki Minaj.


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