Bill Gates Is Very Confused By His Name Drop In Beyonce’s ‘Formation’

Beyonce Bill Gates

Kanye West recently asked Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page for a lot of money

He didn’t bother hitting OG tech billionaire Bill Gates up, and that’s probably for the best, because
dude isn’t exactly a music fan.

In fact, he was genuinely surprised and confused he learned Beyonce dropped his name in her new single ‘Formation’.

“You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making,” Bey sings in the track.

“Yeah, I hadn’t realized that she did that until somebody in the office actually sent me a copy of the lyrics,” Gates told Wired. “And I said, ‘Are you serious? This is kind of a strange set of words here.’ I’m surprised – I’m not sure she said those words at the Super Bowl, though, did she?”

When told that the song was pretty popular, Gates seemed pleased.

“I guess it’s nice that people consider me successful,” the richest man on Earth said.


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