Beyonce – Lemonade (Album Download)

Beyonce – Lemonade (Zip Download)

Beyonce stuns once again, releasing a brand new album, “Lemonade,” after the airing of her HBO special.

Beyonce – Lemonade album

With all the anticipation surrounding Beyonce’s “Lemonade” special on HBO, which was announced earlier this week, it was expected to be something spectacular. Those who just tuned in to the premiere got to witness a “visual album,” with a bevy of new music to go along with the arresting acting, cinematography, and overall narrative. Careful listeners heard guest contributions from familiar voices like Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and James Blake. It sounded like Bey had provided fans with an album’s worth of new music, and indeed, immediately after the end of the film, Lemonade — the album — is now available on…you guessed it: TIDAL.Along with the aforementioned guests, there’s another feature from White Stripes guitarist Jack White. Listen & Download on 991Nation below.Beyonce – Lemonade album

Beyonce – Lemonade (Zip Download)

01. [download id=”2724″]

02.  [download id=”2727″]

03. [download id=”2730″]

04. [download id=”2733″]

05. [download id=”2736″]

06.  [download id=”2740″]

07. [download id=”2743″]

08. [download id=”2745″]

09. [download id=”2748″]

10. [download id=”2752″]

11. [download id=”2754″]

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