Beyonce And Jay Z drop non-album single “SALUD!”

Beyonce And Jay Z drop non-album single “SALUD!”

Beyonce And Jay Z drop non-album single "SALUD!"

Beyonce And Jay Z drop non-album single “SALUD!”


The Carters
Produced by Cool & Dre

The current semester has become so saturated with material. It almost feels like Jay-Z and Beyonce couldn’t help push up their rest days, in the midst of a G.O.O.D. Music takeover. After teasing their chemistry on several records over the years, the married couple finally comes together in one complete collaborative effort, many parts sung in unison. After releasing the elaborate”APESHIT” music video as the project’s first single, “SALUD!” has surfaced almost simultaneously as a non-album single.


“SALUD!” produced by our long lost friends Cool & Dre, is less scrappy than “APESHIT.” Instead of calling for recognition, they seemingly have already earned, “SALUD!” has them in cruise control, their arms comfortable relaxed on the upholstery. Bey refers hubby as “Hov,” mentioning Donald Trump’s criticism in the same breath as general trollery. Husband and Wife assure one another they can hold it down as long they have each other, in light of all “these comments absurd.”

The couple will be on the road through fall touring this album and their extensive catalogs. OTR IIhas been in the works since the Spring, all signs pointing towards it being as ambitious as the last. Beyonce and Jay-Z are in legacy mode, in case you haven’t noticed.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hola (hola), thank the most high for the coca
Salud! (salud, salud, salud, salud)
God protect babies and fools, I was both (both)
It’s not just a popular trope (both)
The wind comes and I’m just a flute
The winds come and I’m not a fluke
I’m convinced I’m really that, I’m truly the GOAT



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