B.o.B – AIR (Art Imitates Reality) (Mixtape Download)

B.o.B – AIR (Art Imitates Reality) Mixtape (Zip Download)

B.o.B – AIR (Art Imitates Reality) Mixtape (Zip Download)

B.o.B. completes his elemental mixtape series with self-produced “AIR.”

B.o.B. has been periodically releasing mixtapes this year named after the four classical elements. The series may or may not have something to do with the rapper’s belief that the earth is flat. To date, he has released WATER, FIRE, & EARTH. Monday morning, he completed the quartet by sharing AIR (Art Imitates Reality).

AIR is comprised of 11 tracks. It is entirely self-produced. Stream the tape, share your thoughts in the comments, and listen to the rest of B.o.B.’s elemental mixtape series, which has been well-received.

B.o.B – AIR (Art Imitates Reality) Mixtape (Zip Download)

  1. Download Fingerprint MP3
    2. Download Air Bender MP3
    3. Download Negative Space MP3
    4. Download Mercy Me MP3
    5. Download Masters Of War MP3
    6. Download Yung’n MP3
    7. Download Bobby Neutron MP3
    8. Download Stanley Kubrick MP3
    9. Download War Witch MP3
    10. Download Vultures MP3
    11. Download Escape MP3

Download Zip Here!!

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