Azealia Banks Suspended From Twitter & May Be Banned From The UK

Azealia Banks Suspended From Twitter

We’re not going to get too deep into the details of Azealia Banks’ latest Twitter blow up, because they are as inane as always.

But to sum it up, she called half-Pakistani boy bander Zayn Malik a “curry scented bitch” and a “sand nigger”,  and also managed to get into a fairly vicious back-and-forth with 14-year old actress Skai Jackson.

That was finally enough for Twitter, who have suspended her account. She was also dropped from the bill of the Rinse FM Born & Bred Festival in London, amid reports that she may be banned from the United Kingdom altogether for inciting racism.

In response to being suspended from Twitter, Banks attempted to set up an unofficial page. But that looks like it has been removed, too. So she’s taking her ranting to Instagram.

Haaaaan !

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Can Banks maintain any relevance if she isn’t allowed to troll?

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