AURORA – A Different Kind of Human (Step II) Album (Zip Download)

AURORA – A Different Kind of Human (Step II) Album (Zip Download)

AURORA A Different Kind of Human

Aurora is no stranger to experimentation, but her third album, A Different Kind of Human (Step II), takes far more chances than her previous work. The Norwegian art-pop singer-songwriter takes a more imaginative approach, and it works. Each song’s distinct sound flourishes within the thematic parameters of individualism and preservationism that were introduced on 2018’s Step I.

Lead single “Animal” plays on the idea of hunting for sport with the refrain “Hunting for love/ Killing for passion.” Aurora describes people as animals “lost in a concrete jungle,” hunting for another either in search of making a kill or finding a mate. Starting off with simple drumming and synth loops, the song grows with each chorus while leaving room to mellow out on the verses. The music’s hopeful atmosphere stands in stark contrast with the lyrics, which begin to explore different metaphors for mortality. Aurora’s soundscapes push the listener to enter this headspace of love, survival and death, giving the album’s multifaceted themes conceptual and musical depth.

1. AURORA – The River
2. AURORA – Animal
3. AURORA – Dance On the Moon
4. AURORA – Daydreamer
5. AURORA – Hunger
6. AURORA – Soulless Creatures
7. AURORA – In Bottles
8. AURORA – A Different Kind of Human
9. AURORA – Apple Tree
10. AURORA – The Seed
11. AURORA – Mothership

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