Apple’s New Smartwatch Revealed in Official Press Shot

Apple’s New Smartwatch Revealed in Official Press Shot

Apple’s New Smartwatch Revealed in Official Press Shot

Apple’s upcoming new smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 4, was reportedly outed in an Apple leak along with two new OLED iPhones just hours after the tech giant announced its September 12 event. Immediately noticeable is the new edge-to-edge display that’s rumoured to afford both smartwatch sizes (38mm and 42mm) an extra 15 percent of screen space compared to its predecessor.

Apple pulled this off by trimming down on those pesky bezels, likely allowing it to cram more info on to that watch face as a result. Another new addition shown in the pic is a hole between the slightly tweaked side button and Digital Crown, which might be a microphone.

The photo also reveals that the new smartwatch will be compatible with current Watchbands.

While its specs and features haven’t been confirmed, rumours indicate the Apple Watch 4 will pack a bigger battery, an official sleep tracking app, and EKG tech. EKGs (or ECGs or electrocardiograms) boast more in-depth information than the standard heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch 3, by using electric currents to gauge your heart’s behaviour.

And there’s even talk of solid-state buttons that sense touch instead of clicking or moving up and down.

Meanwhile the user experience will hinge on the new watchOS 5 software, which boasts improved health-tracking perks, a new walkie-talkie feature, and a Podcast app.

After months of speculation, the official press shots finally confirm that these three products will be unveiled onstage in just 12 days time.
Other possible reveals could span a new iPad Pro, a HomePod Mini, and the AirPower wireless charging pad.

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