Anitta – Kisses Album (Zip Download)

Anitta – Kisses Album (Zip Download)

Anitta - Kisses Album (Zip Download)

Anitta’s new album Kisses is due this Friday (April 5), and the Brazilian star has been letting her fans in on the meaning behind the album, collaborators and more.

This is what we know so far: Kisses contains 10 songs, each track has its own music video, and everything will be released on April 5. And according to Anitta’s announcement on social media, “Each [song] represents a different type of Anitta that exists within me. The reference to the name Kisses highlights that there exist thousands of different types of kisses, but even so, it remains a kiss.”

During the past few days, Anitta has shared at least eight titles for her songs, as well as the collaborators who will be featured on the album. Check it all out below

This Anitta is full of attitude. She’s independent and likes to exalt other women. She doesn’t like to see judgment between women and defends freedom. She likes to do what she wants and has a mission to move feminine empowerment forward at whatever cost. She likes to provoke people who usually judge or diminish free women. She preoccupies herself with social causes and believes that her vanity and beauty are in her attitude and way of being. For her, there exists beauty in all types of patterns/standards/models.


01. Atención
02. Banana
03. Onda diferente (feat. Papatinho)
04. Sin miedo
05. Poquito
06. Tu y yo
07. Get To Know Me
08. Rosa
09. Juego
10. Você mentiu

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