Man Caught Smuggling Heroin In His Air Force 1s

He was caught by customs officers when he landed.

In some ways, the thought process to this crime was in the right place. Air Force 1s are some of the bulkiest and heaviest sneakers out there, so when Perez Beltran decided to smuggle 3 pound of heroin into the United States, at least he was trying to think logically. However, he underestimated just how good US Customs is at catching people just like him.

Perez Beltran, who is a United States citizen, flew in from the Dominican Republic to John F. Kennedy International Airport with three pounds of heroin stuffed into three separate pairs of Air Force 1s. During his customs search, officers discovered the three pairs of Forces were unusually heavy. Upon further inspection, they discovered powdered heroin had been hidden in the lining and under the insole of the sneaker.

The three pounds of heroin has an estimated street value of $90,000, which doesn’t really seem worth the risk. Besides, he’s hardly the first person to try to sneak something illegal in his shoes and those people always seem to get caught. Perez has been charged with federal narcotics smuggling. Don’t smuggle drugs, kids.

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