50Cent Reveals His Spending & Bank Account In Latest Bankruptcy Filings

50 Cent Broke

Instagram/50 Cent

50 Cent is still trying to make a deal with his creditors, including Rick Ross’s baby mama.

When we last heard, he was working out a formula in which he would end up paying about 85 percent of the $31 million he owed.

However, that deal was put in jeopardy by his IG flexin, and Fif is still in bankruptcy court, meaning he has to continue to report all of his spending and assets.

Bossip got hold of his latest filing for February.

At the end of that month, 50 reported having $7,359,776 in the bank and $16.3 million in total assets.

He spent $83,226 in February. His expenditures include:

$19,000 for bankruptcy services
$17,354 for the mortgage on his Connecticut home.
$12,097 in child support
$6,500 for lawn care
$5,700 on his Bentley lease
$5,600 on fitness, including $3,600 to celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello

His income for February includes:
$29,597 in royalties
$1,538 from G-Unit records


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