50 Cent’s Plan To Pay Back Rick Ross’s Baby Mama Revealed

50 ig cash

For the last few weeks, 50 Cent has been trying to negotiate a deal to pay off his creditors and get out of bankruptcy court.

We’ve known that he’s been proposing to pay back between 75 and 92 percent of the $28 to 31 million he owes.

Now we have a better idea as to who gets what.

According to TMZ, Rick Ross’s Baby Mama Lastonia Leviston would get $6 million of the $7 million Fif owes her for exposing her sex tape.

He would pay Sleek Audio $17.3 million of the $18.4 million he owes them for stealing their headphone design and marketing it as his own.

SunTrust Bank gets $4.9 million. He will make these payments over five years, and told the court he will liquidate assets to do so.

The rest of his smaller creditors will be part of different deals.

The judge still has to approve, and she’s made it  well known that 50’s flexing of cash on Instagram has made her suspicious of his bankruptcy claims.

Although it doesn’t look like Fif’s going to be gaining much from declaring Chapter 11 so she may as well.

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