50 Cent Tells Bankruptcy Court He Uses Prop Money On Instagram

50 cent top five


These days, when we post about 50 Cent it’s because of his beefs or his legal dramas.

But there was certainly a time he was a powerhouse on the mic.


During a new interview with Power 107.5, Fif listed his top five 50 Cent songs.

‘A Baltimore Love Thing,’ ‘Ryder Music,’ ‘Like My Style,’ ‘Curtis 187’ [and] ‘What Up Gangsta,” he told the radio station.

As you can see, 50 also realizes his best musical days are in the past.

‘Like My Style’ and ‘What Up Gangsta’ are from 2003’s Get Rick Or Die Tryin’. ‘Ryder Music’ and ‘Baltimore Love Thing’ come from 2005’s The Massacre, and ‘Curtis 187’ is on 2007’s Curtis.

What are your top five 50 cuts?

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