50 Cent Says He Made Up Owning Mansion In Africa

50 Cent african

Not long after 50 Cent declared bankruptcy, he posted an Instagram video of a mansion that he said he was building in an unnamed African country.

He captioned the video — which has since been deleted — “My crib is almost finished in AFRICA. I’m gonna have the craziest House warming party ever. I’ll explain later.”

Apparently, that was all as fake as the money he’s been stuntin on IG.

In court papers, 50 Fif denies ever owning an African abode.

“I do not, nor have I ever owned, any real property in Africa,” he told his bankruptcy judge.

50 Cent has been under fire from the court for under-counting his assets.  He’s reached a settlement with his creditors to pay back most of the money he owes, but now he has to convince his bankruptcy judge he isn’t lying on financial statements.

Fif’s lawyers have told that court that their client pretends he is richer than he really is because he’s an “aspirational” figure to his “poor” fans.

Here’s a photo of the African mansion 50 never owned.

50 Cent Africa Mansion


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