50 Cent Fires Back After Boxer Accuses Him Of Stealing

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Among 50 Cent’s financial setbacks of the last couple years was the demise of his SMS boxing promotion company.

Australian fighter Billy Dib signed with Fif and SMS in 2012, and in a new interview with the Daily Telegraph he says 50 Cent essentially stole $1.2 million from him and ruined his career.

“We have no promotional ties, and thank God I’ve finally gotten away from 50 Cent,” Dib said. “A lot of people would say ‘Why do you want to get away from 50 Cent, that would be amazing’, but it’s not amazing, it was very disheartening, sleepless nights, you wake up for phone calls and the guy would never answer his phone, it was possibly the worst career move that I’ve made in my life.”

It wouldn’t be our 50 if he didn’t have something to say about that. He clapped back hard on IG at the former IBF featherweight and IBO super featherweight champion.

The truth is Billy Dib is an ungrateful fighter who was deemed unwatchable by premium networks like Showtime and HBO when I met him. Floyd was mad at me for signing him in the first place. With a record of 35-1 (21 KOs), Dib must have fought 21 cab drivers in Australia because Evgeny Gradovich with a record of 15-0 (8 KOs) beat the shit out of him, despite taking the fight on a month’s notice. It’s no secret that the level of competition and talent, fighting in America is the highest. The best fighters in the world come here to fight. 8 Months later, I put Dib on the Manny Pacquiao undercard for the rematch with Gradovich. He got knocked the f.uck out. I can only set the fight up…I can’t fight for you, punk! I didn’t take a dime of your money. They call me a lot of shit, but never a thief. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO ANOTHER 💩 SHIT HEAD

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Last year former WBA and IBF featherweight champ Yuriorkis Gamboa sued 50 Cent and SMS to get out of his contract with the bankrupt promotion company.

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